Sapporo Area Town Guide
maru-maru Sapporo

On cold days, warm up with hot food.

When the body is cold, blood circulation is slowed and internal organ movement is reduced. The body feels heavy and the immune system may be weakened.
Therefore, we will introduce you to popular warm dishes = home cooking in Sapporo that warms the body from the inside and activates the movement of the internal organs and blood circulation.
All dishes are hot, so be careful not to burn yourself.


Nabe dishes

Oyster nabe, seafood nabe, chanko-nabe, Ishikari nabe, duck nabe, suppon nabe, yose-nabe, hotpot, motsu-nabe, etc. Many people eat nabe in winter in Sapporo. Hot nabe and soup warms the stomach.

Pompokotei Taberusupu Hakkoryori

Local Cuisine Oga


daikon radish, chikuwa, hanpen, konnyaku, egg, satsuma-age, chikuwabu, shirataki mushrooms, beef tendon…. With soup. It warms you up.

Miso Ramen

Sapporo ramen has long been known for its rich, hot miso broth served over curly noodles with lots of vegetables. Asahikawa ramen has a soy sauce flavor, while Hakodate ramen has a salt flavor.

Keyaki Susukino Main Store

Ramen Shingen Minami 6-jo Store

Chinese steamed buns

Steam rises silently from a steaming pot of rice. They are hot and delicious. There are many varieties, including meat buns, bean-jam buns, shark’s fin buns, beef tenderloin buns, curry buns, and more.


A hot gratin with a delicious flavor of grilled and slightly charred cheese. Autumn is also the season for pumpkin gratin and potato gratin. Be careful not to get burned by the heat.

yoshimi kitchen

Hokkaido european dining LUGAR

Nabeyaki Udon Noodle

There are many flavors to choose from, but Gomoku Nabeyaki Udon is the very standard. It is made with five basic ingredients: Chinese cabbage, fish cake, shiitake mushrooms, egg, green onion, and spinach.



Yudofu is famous in Kyoto, but the soybeans used to make tofu are grown in Hokkaido. Either cotton or silk tofu is delicious. Sake goes well with it.

(baked sweet potato)

Satsuma-imo is roasted slowly on a stone. The sweetness of the sweet potato comes out and the crispy skin and the flaky inside are exquisite. The person who thought of yaki-imo is a genius. The sugar soaks into the skin and warms it up.

Hot Soba

When you can use chopsticks well, it is fun to sip soba. Sipping soba while drinking broth. It warms you up.


(sweet red-bean soup)

A bite of rice cake floating in hot Zenzai. I play with my chopsticks to see when to attack it, but then I crunch it. Sweet, tasty, and warming. I guess it’s OK even if it’s cold every day.

Hot sake

Heating sake is a fine dish. The flavor of the sake varies depending on the temperature at which it is heated, and you never take your hand off the choko (cup) once you have it.